16 February 2009

nyt: day laborers have become easy prey in New Orleans.

"The men helping to rebuild a city are among its most vulnerable."

A New York Times article shares the story of many, who have come to help and are being taken advantage of.

Men from Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala have come to help rebuild a city that was wiped away by Hurricane Katrina more than three years ago. If they're lucky, they'll work for long hours under the hot sun for some cash at the end of the day. This money will, of course, be sent home to support their families.

According to the article, these laborers walk the streets, their "pockets stuffed with bills," vulnerable.

They are known as "walking A.T.M.s."

"At least once a week, the police receive reports of a mugging or a holdup."

News reports have said that at least six Hispanic workers have been killed. their bodies sent home to their loved ones.

The article states that the police either ignore the calls for help, punish them for their "illegal" status or arrive too late to be of any help.

These men, who have come with hands to help bring life back to a devastated area, have become the prey of the longtime black residents.



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