30 July 2009

summer is almost over.

this summer's been pretty fast-paced.
i've done a lot of traveling. a lot of living out of a bag.
but, i'm back in gainesville.
and the days are slowing down.

today, i intended to spend most of my time reading and writing.
of course, that didn't happen.

after waking up late,
cleaning/organizing my laundry room/closet,
catching up with a few friends,
cleaning up my house,
and hanging out with roommates,

i finally sat down to read.

i've been reading the ragamuffin gospel: visual edition for a little while now. i think i like just reading a couple of pages at a time. i don't want to rush through it. something in me wants to save a little bit for each time that i pick it up.

here's some stuff from today that i think i'll sit with for a while:

"to be human is to be poor. our impoverished spirit gives us pause before we decide to become tyrants to ourselves."

"repentance is not what we do in order to earn forgiveness; it is what we do because we have been forgiven."


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