13 April 2010

wedding ideas. part 6.

i'm hoping to find a simple dress. and i'd like to make a flower belt like this to go with it.

love this big open feel.

LOVE these shoes. i'm hoping to find a pair of cute yellow flats to wear.
i've seen this idea a lot and i really like it. i'm hoping to pin up a bunch of photos of us, along with our friends and family.

i like using these buckets as centerpieces. and maybe for the flower girl.
just another cute photo with a mason jar.
hoping to find a bunch of these to use for centerpieces and drinking glasses.

[kenda, how crazy is this! i can't believe someone else had those pencils in their wedding.]
also, i'd love to have jugs of sweet tea and lemonade.


Anonymous said...

You can find flats of mason jars at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club. (:

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