13 May 2010

wedding ideas. part 7.

a beautiful dress:

hoping we can find a tandem to ride away on!:

the bottom picture has some cute birds on the table:

i really like the dessert set-up for all of the various pies and desserts we'll have:
(i don't know if i like the word "sweet")
oh and i really like her little sweater that she has on for the reception.

love the tree stumps, cool bottles & vases, and assortment of flowers:

love this dresser/table with the flower set-up:

really love the little canvas bags with that design.
and we're going to need to clothespin some photos everywhere:

love the books as centerpieces:

love the old drawers to hold the silverware:

would love to find a typewriter to use as the guest book:

some more wonderful decorations (like the windows hanging):


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