14 April 2009

a man and his dog.

he left his puppy outside the coffee shop.
no collar. no leash.

a girl explained that she was on the phone when it happened.
the man was there with his dog.
and then he wasn't.

so, naturally, i offered to take the puppy home with me.
i didn't have anything for him, but i would make it work.

come to find out, the owner was inside the coffee shop.

i continued to sit outside with the puppy.
i felt better knowing he wasn't alone.

about an hour later his owner came outside to check on him.

i introduced myself and we started to talk.
i listened to his story and did my best to love him as Christ would have.

he just lost his job.
he is without a home.
and he loves his puppy.

i enjoyed spending time and making a new friend,
but after a while i needed to get back to my studying.
the man continued to follow me around,
and this is when i started to feel uncomfortable.

now, i am at home feeling uneasy and a little worried.

i'm scared that i told him too much about me,
or that he's going to try and follow me around now.

and i hate that.
i wish it could have been as simple as two people sharing in conversation together and that's it.
but now i'm left with an uncomfortable feeling inside,
and i don't want that to be the case.


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